Shapes Events

Shapes has been created for people. That’s why we have come to you.  We organise projects about the connection between cycling and health.  We are investigating the risks and advantages of cycling in comparison to commuting by car.  More cycling means less traffic, less traffic jams, less accidents and being fitter but what about inhaling polluted air whilst cycling and the risk of being involved in accidents? 

Our main objective is a systematic comparison between all health risks -  both active and passive – which are connected with replacing the car with the bike in the daily commute.  We will be looking at accidents, injuries physical exercise or lack of it, and exposure to airborne pollutants.

Join us and come to our events:

  1. Start of the Shapes project 10 March 2008
  2. Shapes in the media :


PDF Download our poster here

Come and join us in evaluating the airborne pollution to which we are exposed when we cycle, how our physical condition evolves when we cycle to work and what the risk of accidents is.


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